Life-long Biker Representing Injured Bikers

My practice is dedicated to representing injured motorcyclists. I do this because I have personally experienced the negative treatment injured motorcyclists are subjected to from insurance companies, defense attorneys, and others. Though motorcycling has become a mainstream activity, it is still considered a dangerous activity undertaken only by people with death wishes. People who have never ridden motorcycles cannot understand the tremendous pleasures of riding, cannot understand the kinship and understanding that exists between bikers the world over.

I have 200,000+ miles under my belt during 35 years in the saddle. I know the pit in the stomach bikers feel every time they approach cars waiting to turn left, hoping drivers do not turn left in front of us. I am familiar with all the different dangers motorcyclists face from car, truck, and bus drivers. And, I know what being in a major motorcycle crash is all about. Right before my second year of law school, I hit a deer in Eastern Oregon at highway speed, destroying my new bike and throwing me down the road like a rag doll. I miraculously got away only with breaking both bones in my left forearm.

I can serve bikers who have been injured by negligent car drivers better because I have been on two wheels for 35 years. When you see me for a consultation, you won’t get any “funny” comments from me about your being an organ donor or whether you have a death wish, and you won’t be told all the motorcycle horror stories I’ve collected over the years. Bikers hear this stuff all the time from people who’ve never ridden, even from their own attorneys, and these types of statements show that people don’t understand why we ride. I know why we ride, and I will get better results for you because of it.

And, importantly, I will ensure that you receive maximum compensation for all your damages.

I will also ensure you receive maximum compensation for your damaged motorcycle, and all other gear or equipment damaged in the crash.

Please remember the Statute of Limitations, which is a certain period in which you must sue the person who caused the accident, and if you do not, you will forever lose the ability to do so. In Washington, generally you must sue within three years of the date of the accident.

If you have been hurt while riding due to someone else’s negligence, contact me.


October 2017 on Chuckanut Drive.

What I rode to Laguna Seca on, my modified Moto Guzzi Sport 1100.

My 2000 Honda VFR800 Interceptor, the best bike I’ve ever owned, on Chuckanut Drive south of Bellingham, February 2017.

Ancient history, my Yamaha FZR400, trying to keep up with a friend on his 1100. Note the white pants.

More ancient history; my then-new 1990 Kawasaki ZX-7.

At Laguna Seca in 1997 on a friend’s 1979 Ducati 900SS.